Serendipity Squared

I am suuuuuper excited to announce that Universal by Nature has finally hit its first boutique. And let me tell was FATE.


About 5 months ago now, I made the decision to purchase a vintage trailer and renovate it into a mobile shop. Yeah that's right. A shop on wheels. How cool, right? You'll get to see it soon, don't worry!

 So, I'm one of those who name their cars and I felt it was only right to name my trailer, too. Her name is Serendipity. The name fit perfectly.

Three days after naming my trailer, I was setting up for the Providence Flea (like every other Sunday) and a bright smiley face approached my booth and goes, "Hey! I followed you on Instagram this morning! I wanted to come by to chat with you! I own a shop in Wickford called Serendipity...". I had to interrupt her. I literally COULD NOT.

Right then and there, Melissa and I shared our stories in amazement. We instantly knew the Universe brought us together and we were destined to meet. Right then and there, Melissa asked if I would be interested in her carrying my pieces to sell in her boutique. Without a single ounce of hesitation, you KNOW I was all in.

If you live locally (RI or surrounding areas) be SURE to check out her gem of a shop. Everything she sells is handmade by local or Etsy artists. And if you're lucky, you'll stop by on a day where she has her pup with her in the shop!