Sweating The Small Stuff


Something I am extremely passionate about, other than jewelry making, is living a natural, chemical-fee lifestyle. It wasn't always this way. Growing up, we are exposed to so many influences that alter our view on many aspects of our young lives. Celebrities advertising beauty products, gorgeous models and athletes pitching the newest tampons to us in pretty packaging, miracle deodorants that will stop our sweat stains (oh my G...those days were the worst).

As I grew older and more aware of my body--what goes in, on and around it--I began my research + numerous lifestyle changes were made. My first step was changing my deodorants, shampoos, soaps and toothpaste. Today I'll focus in on deodorant. 

There are many harmful toxins hidden in the most popular (and affordable) deodorants + antiperspirants. Here's to name a few: 

Aluminum (Aluminum chloralhydrate, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly)

Aluminum compounds are what clog your pores to stop you from sweating. Yes, that's right....CLOG. These toxins are absorbed through the skin and can mimic estrogen, which promotes the growth of breast cancer cells. Exposing your body to aluminum is said to be associated with not only breast cancer, but Alzheimer's, bone disorders + kidney problems.

Parabens (utylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben)

Parabens are used in products to prevent bacteria growth. Parabens also cause estrogen disruption which is linked to breast cancer. Research shows that parabens have been found present in breast tumors. It has not been proven that parabens themselves cause cancer, but why risk it? 

Propylene Glycol

Originally developed as an anti-freeze, Propylene Glycol is used in deodorant to keep it from drying out. This toxin is said to cause kidney + liver damage. 


I have ditched the go-to brands of deodorant and have tested out MANY organic and chemical-free brands. Some do not work as great as others, but I have found my new favorite--Schmidt's Lavender + Sage. The smell is so natural, goes on light and lasts all day! Schmidt's makes both, stick and jar versions of all of their scents. I prefer the stick over the jar, but the jar comes with a cute spatula to scoop your daily supply. 


If you can do one thing for the new year, friends, I highly encourage you to READ LABELS. Please, don't become obsessed, simply become aware. You are worth it.