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Inspired by a passion for creating, a love for nature and a desire to live life freely, Universal by Nature became an outlet for just that. Universal by Nature was created in 2015 by the girl in that picture over there. My name is Brianna (Bri) Landry, a Rhode Islander born and raised. I am a self-taught jewelry artist with experience in graphic design. I am a mineral collecting, plant loving, dream chasing lady boss. I have dabbled in jewelry making since the young age of eight. This childhood hobby revealed itself as my life purpose and passion after experiencing such freedom and healing through creating after a tragic loss of a dear friend.


With the reality of life opening my eyes to the unknown, I found myself searching for answers that I could not find in the physical world. I turned to crystal healing and meditation. Through these practices and my love for jewelry making, I decided to merge all of my healing practices into one. Creating jewelry with deep meaning and purpose allows me to share powerful messages of healing, self-love and consciousness. 


Each piece is designed and made with my own two hands. All pieces are made with natural, semi-precious gemstones that have been cleansed and charged with the highest vibrations. When wearing Universal by Nature, you vow to dig deep within, to find your soul purpose, to recognize and BE your truest self.